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U. S. Tax Filing Services

  • Federal Return Filing
  • State Tax Return Filing
  • City Tax Return Filing
  • Consultancy on 401K & Retirement Plan
  • E-filing the FBAR (Foreign Bank & Financial Account Report)
  • ITIN (Form W-7) Applications
  • SFOC Procedure (Streamlined Foreign Offshore Compliance procedures)
  • FATCA Reporting Compliance
  • Get the right advice for efficient tax planning
  • 4868/2350 Extension Filing
  • Amendment Tax Return with IRS compliance

U. S. Tax Filing Process

Tax team understands your unique tax situation
Understanding your unique tax situation
Uploading documents on our secure portal system
Preparation of tax return
2 step review and approval process
Make the fees payment and will file the return


Convenience of filing U.S taxes from India
Year round support for queries
Complete assistance i.e. preparing, filing and processing the U.S tax return
Our dual taxation expert advisors optimize your savings and help you with both India and U.S tax filings

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Frequently Asked Questions

Irrespective of whether you are a U.S citizen, Green cardholder or a resident alien who has lived or worked outside U.S for the year under assessment it becomes mandatory for you to file the U.S tax return if you meet the minimum income requirements or have any taxes withheld by the payer.
A person performing his services in the U.S or having income from other sources such as real estate will fall under the U.S tax filing bracket.
  • Without filing U.S tax returns, you are bound to visa problems
  • Federal and State income tax departments can decline refund for income tax withheld
  • To make your children eligible for admission in U.S colleges and getting financial assistance for their education
  • For becoming a green cardholder, it is a moral responsibility
  • For pursuing citizenship
Yes, you may certainly file the U.S tax return by yourself, however in our professional opinion there is a high chance that first time filer may commit errors, while selecting the right residency status and are more prone to omissions while filling the forms. You should keep in mind that the Indian income must be reported in relevant cases and later be adjusted against credits or deductions.
Individuals attract punitive actions, caused by underreporting of income especially for those who plan on travelling back to the U.S in future for work purposes, Thus we can establish that a tax advisor understands the legal implications and helps you file a correct tax return!