Tax Notice Scrutiny Management Service In India

Understand implications, get detailed guidance on your notice and respond aptly with the help of our tax lawyers. In case of scrutiny we help you to file the necessary documents and facilitate the E-assessment of scrutiny notice with IT department.

    Why Hire A Tax Expert?

    Effective resolution of tax notice
    Benefit of professional expertise of Tax Lawyers and CA’s
    Timely guidance to avoid tax hassles
    Easy access in person or via phone and email
    Privacy, security and confidentiality
    One stop tax solution

    How do I respond to a Tax Notice?

    Fill the preliminary form on the portal and upload tax notice
    Experts analyze tax notice, advise documents
    Uploading the documents asked by advisor on our secured portal
    Get an apt response for your IT notice reply
    Advisor sends the response to Income Tax department on your behalf
    Follow up till case is resolved

    Your guide to handle Tax Notice

    Why chose us?

    Our team of qualified tax professionals simplify the complex financial jargon for you and help you understand the notice completely. A befitting response to the notice is drafted and priced keeping affordability in mind. Avail UsTaxFiling services and forget future tax worries.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • Register by filling out your details for our secured portal
    • Upload the notice on your secured account
    • Portal allows multiple notice uploads
    We get back to you promptly! The maximum wait is 48 hours after uploading the notice on portal.
    The notice clearly states the time limit for responding. Not responding to notice can attract severe penal measures and it allows for a penalty of Rs. 10,000 to be imposed. In case the response is not on time, the tax officer can proceed with discretionary best judgement assessment u/s 144.
    • We review your notice and give a list of documents and other necessary information required for response
    • A formal notice is drafted and sent for your approval
    • You may suggest changes, if any
    • Upon your final confirmation, we submit the online response with required documents
    • In case of any follow up communication from the Income Tax Department, we prepare a follow up response
    • Using the information provided by us in the notice, assessing officer passes the order u/s 143(3), this marks the completion of your proceedings
    We are required to file the response to tax notice online. Being said that, your physical presence might be demanded in exceptional cases to seek clarity. We guide you on how to represent your case before the officer but will not represent on your behalf in person. In case you need an expert to represent you, we arrange for a local tax expert to help you in this regard. The charges of local tax expert are not inclusive in the service provided; you will incur additional charges for the same.