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How to Avoid Self-Employment Tax When you are working abroad

Are you working abroad? You don’t know to avoid self-employment tax?Don’t worry at all! At, Our experts guide you step to avoid self-employment tax while you are working abroad. Click to know more about it. When you plan to work abroad as an independent contractor, you are subjected

Taxation of Dual Citizens

Do you want to know more about taxation on dual citizens? You have arrived at the right place at to know more about taxation of dual citizens. Click here for more details Many expats think how much taxation on dual citizenship can be impacted varying on where you stay.

Income tax on gifts

 All about Gifts received from relatives is tax-free: income tax Christmas is coming right away! And all are excited to exchange gifts to everyone. But do you know that income tax on gifts received from relatives or family members is tax-free? Click here for more details at The taxability

How to use the Foreign earned income exclusion for digital nomads?

How to use the Foreign earned income exclusion for digital nomads? Digital nomads, you don’t know how to use the foreign earned and income exclusion? Then, you have arrived to the right place. At, we guide you to claim your foreign earned income exclusion. Do you want to more

Contracting for a foreign employer

Are you a foreign employer? You don’t know what taxes you are subject to when living abroad?Don’t worry at all! You have come to the right place. We at will guide you to contract your taxes as a foreign employer. Click to go through the guide and get more